Emotional Intelligence in Critical Conversations

Everyone's personality influences the way they communicate and how they are perceived. Theater artists use their emotional intelligence to create something that causes people to think, feel, and respond in very specific ways. Develop your awareness of your 'scene partners', so you can be better understood and achieve your individual and team goals.


Skill Building

  • Having the right balance between self-awareness, presence, and connection to others.
  • Leaning on your strengths and managing your stressors to build greater trust and credibility as a leader.
  • Using an empathetic approach to positively influence the outcomes of critical conversations (providing feedback, negotiating, problem-solving, knowledge-sharing, etc.).

Recommended for

  • Managers providing feedback in performance reviews
  • Project teams who need to generate more and better ideas
  • Executives who need to lead with more empathy
  • Leaders who need to share information when the news isn't great
  • Team leads who need to move the team forward when they are overwhelmed and stuck


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