Strategic Storytelling

Data can persuade an audience, but a story can move them. Theater artists are results-oriented storytellers who know how to match a story to the moment, so audiences feel, see, and know what you’re trying to say and will act on that information.

Learning and Development Courses

Skill Building

  • Connecting with and communicating the “so what” of the message
  • Using story to initiate interest, hold attention, and gain agreement
  • Constructing a well-crafted narrative arc that captures the ear, imagination, and passion of the audience

Recommended for

  • Sales teams pitching the value of their products and services
  • Project managers who need to build buy-in for a project
  • Professional services (accountants, architects, engineers, etc.) who need to make the complex simple
  • C-suite leaders who need to inspire their organizations
  • Organizations who need their brands to capture the attention and imagination of their 'audiences'



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