The Art of Executive Presence

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The purpose of these sessions is to guide participants through theater-based, results-oriented experiential learning opportunities that will enhance their ability to:

  • Be more empathetic
  • Build trust among colleagues
  • Communicate more effectively

Alliance@work Sessions

The Art of Executive Presence
What story do you tell when you walk into the boardroom, staff meeting, or networking event? Good actors create compelling characters by making the right choices to communicate their truth and what they want. Learn how to use the actor’s toolkit (being present, being connected, and being authentic) to command the room, engage your audience, and increase your competitive advantage. Click here to request more information.

Skills development:

  • Empathy
  • Building credibility
  • Projecting self-confidence (vocally and physically)
  • Maintaining presence of mind in difficult/unpredictable situations
  • Listening and responding in the moment

Becoming Feedback Ready
Building community, growing capacity and motivating collaboration by giving and receiving effective feedback. Click here to request more information. 

Skills development:

  • Vulnerability
  • Active listening
  • Specific and goal-oriented communication
  • Responding vs. reacting

Better Ideas through Better Conversation
Navigating purpose-driven, effective and efficient group discussions to achieve specific outcomes. Click here to request more information. 

Skills development:

  • Active listening
  • Practical empathy (authenticity + action)
  • Roles/functions of group dynamics
  • Specific and goal-oriented communication

From Mindlessness to Mindfulness
An actor’s guide to being present, connected and authentic at work. Click here to request more information. 

Skills development:

  • Intentional breathing
  • How to be emotionally invested
  • How to be authentically connected to goals and people
  • How to be disciplined yet flexible

Session formats:

Each session can be delivered in two-hour, four-hour or six-hour formats and customized to meet specific client needs.

Click here for a list of all Alliance@work courses.

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