Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access

An art form founded on the human story cannot ignore human injustice.

Our Commitment 

From the Artistic Director 

The Alliance Theatre acknowledges and supports the list of demands made by We See You White American Theatre, and we are grateful for the time and care that went into the creation of this Living Document. We believe in the wide-ranging vision for a more equitable industry, imagined by a collective of multi-generational, black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) theatremakers. We continue to reference this powerful document and look to it for guidance as we move forward. We agree to be transparent in our responses, and about our action and growth towards being the Alliance that Atlanta truly deserves.


Our Values

We believe that acknowledging and embracing differences in identity is essential to a dynamic cultural conversation. This is why we are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all areas of our organization and programming.

We believe that our most valuable asset in our pursuit of excellence is the staff of The Alliance Theatre. We are therefore committed to equitable hiring practices, annually reviewed compensation levels measured against national field standards, and a compassionate culture of respect, support and feedback designed to help each member of our team to grow, thrive, and do their best work. 


Our Commitments

The following standards have either been put into place or are in process at the Alliance Theatre:
  • Mandatory anti-bias training for all staff, Board of Directors, cast and crew members of all productions moving forward
  • Developing an anti-bias training program for the entire Woodruff Arts Center including the security and parking garage staff
  • Having the Director of Diversity, Equity, & Engagement serve as the point of contact for all BIPOC cast & crew members to report to when they need a source outside of the rehearsal room for specific matters
  • An EDI Task Force representative to serve on the hiring team to review all job notices, incoming resumes and be a part of all phone and Zoom/in person interviews to create more equitable hiring procedures and increase the diversity of our theater's staff
  • Instituting a Stage Manager fellowship program for Graduate student, BIPOC stage managers to work with us for a yearlong residency to increase minority access into the field and provide the necessary professional opportunities
  • Instituting a Production Assistant fellowship program for BIPOC undergrad students or recent high school graduates with backgrounds in theater to jump start their careers in the local community and provide them essential exposure and contacts
  • Working with the Woodruff Arts Center to open our rehearsal rooms and Blackbox spaces for free usage to BIPOC organizations for meeting spaces, rehearsals, presentations and productions
  • Cultivation of Land Acknowledgements 
  • Increasing camp accessibility by providing scholarships to those in need of financial assistance
  • Creating an equitable internship that includes compensation
  • Creating and evaluating all scripts and curriculum through an anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive lens
  • Recruitment, retention, and support of Black, Indigenous, Teaching Artists of Color


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