Rowing in the Same Direction: Present, Connected, and Productive Teams

An ensemble in theatre is a group of individuals dedicated to collaborative creation and committed to working together with a distinctive body of work and practices. Each person has a role. Everyone holds each other responsible and pushes each other. All are willing to adapt and be flexible to get more done and feel good doing it.

Skill Building

  • Navigating group dynamics ⏤ staying grounded, calm, and focused, especially when things get tough.
  • Improving team communication ⏤ making everyone feel seen, heard, and connected to the group's objectives.
  • Encouraging creative thinking ⏤ working together with curiosity, intention, and authenticity to move an idea forward.

Recommended for:

  • A new team navigating how to work together
  • Established teams who are complacent and stuck in group think
  • Project teams who are facing a new and daunting challenge
  • Siloed departments who share common goals
  • An overwhelmed team that needs to be reinvigorated



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