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2020 Voting Resources

2020 Voting Resources


October 12 – 30 // Early In-Person Voting in Georgia
October 30 // Last Day to Early In-Person Vote & Last Day to Request Absentee Ballot
November 3 // Election Day



Request an absentee ballot

Look up a sample ballot

Find an early voting polling place

Find your election day polling place

Check your absentee ballot status

Find an absentee ballot drop box

Report voter suppression or harassment experienced at the polls
Call the Georgia Voter Protection Hotline at 888-730-5816.


  • Absentee and mail in voting are the same thing.
  • Request your absentee ballot immediately if you want to vote by mail.
  • Sign your ballot like you signed your voter registration card.


  • Bring a photo ID.
  • Wear a mask.



If I requested an absentee ballot but have changed my mind and want to vote in-person, what do I do?
Take your BLANK absentee ballot with you to your polling place and give it to the poll worker. Remember: 1 voter = 1 ballot. As soon as you write on your absentee ballot, it counts as voting your ballot.

Is voting absentee a legitimate way to vote?
YES. There is statistically insignificant evidence of voter fraud when voting by mail.

Resource: Ellen Weintraub, Commissioner for the Federal Election Commission, posted a Twitter series with extensive links documenting the facts about voting by mail. (

Should I mail back my absentee ballot or drop it in a drop box?
Both are good options. If you can drop it in a drop box, it is the best way to ensure your ballot gets to the polls, but mailing it back is perfectly fine. Mail your completed ballot in ASAP, though.



Atlanta Theatre Artists for Justice/Atlanta Artist Relief Fund (#ATLVotesCount)

Georgia 55

Spread the Vote

Fair Fight

League of Women Voters – Fulton County

Chefs for the Polls

GoVote Georgia


Become a Poll Worker: 

In the vast majority of the country, states and counties report having a very difficult time recruiting poll workers, especially Dekalb County. Upon completing your voter registration, there will be an option to receive information about becoming a poll worker from your state or county. You may also choose to sign up through Secure The Vote GA’s website(In Dekalb and Fulton county you will be paid!)



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