Student Workshops

Program Delivery (2022-2023)   

This year, Institute programming will occur in-person and/or virtually via real-time video conference or pre-recorded videos. The Woodruff Arts Center has implemented a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for all staff and artists. When teaching in-person, Institute teaching artists will be required to wear masks at all times and to adhere to the existing safety policies and procedures set by the partner organization.


Workshops are customizable, participatory experiences designed to foster student engagement and extend learning across content areas.   

Typically 1-2 hours in length, each workshop is hand-crafted to serve up to 30 students with a meaningful lesson focused on a specific text, standard, technique, or skill.  The Alliance Theatre Institute offers pre- and post-show workshops connected to all Alliance Theatre productions.  Additionally, workshops regularly occur as standalone learning events, both in person and virtually. 

Previously developed student workshops include: 

  • Allyship: First Rehearsal
  • Improv 
  • Musical Theater 
  • Playwriting 
  • Shakespeare  
  • Slam Poetry 
  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Meeting with a member of the Alliance Theatre creative team 

"Thank you so much for designing a workshop to help our 5th graders consider voice, posture, and body movements for any public speaking opportunity they will inevitably do throughout their lives." -  Cobb County Schools Teacher


For more information on your curated workshop, please contact: 

Infants – Kindergarten

Hallie Angelella,, 404-733-5255 

Grades 1-5

Rebecca Pogue,, 404-733-5329 

Grades 6-12

Liz Davis,, 404-733-5256 

Pre/Post Show Field Trip Workshops

Teen Audience Fusion

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