Student Workshops

Program Delivery (2024-2025)   

This year, all Alliance Theatre Institute programming is available to occur in-person or virtually via real-time video conference or pre-recorded videos. 


Workshops are customizable, participatory experiences designed to foster student engagement and extend learning across content areas.   

Typically 1-2 hours in length, each workshop is hand-crafted to serve up to 30 students with a meaningful lesson focused on a specific text, standard, technique, or skill.  The Alliance Theatre Institute offers pre- and post-show workshops connected to all Alliance Theatre productions.  Additionally, workshops regularly occur as standalone learning events, both in person and virtually. 

Previously developed student workshops include: 

  • Allyship: First Rehearsal
  • Improv 
  • Musical Theater 
  • Playwriting 
  • Shakespeare  
  • Slam Poetry 
  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Meeting with a member of the Alliance Theatre creative team 

"Thank you so much for designing a workshop to help our 5th graders consider voice, posture, and body movements for any public speaking opportunity they will inevitably do throughout their lives." -  Cobb County Schools Teacher


For more information on your curated workshop, please contact: 

Infants – Kindergarten

Hallie Angelella,, 404-733-5255 

Grades 1-5

Rebecca Pogue Fields,, 404-733-5329 

Grades 6-12

Liz Davis,, 404-733-5256 

Pre/Post Show Field Trip Workshops

Teen Audience Fusion

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