The Performance you Want Takes Practice.

From the Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre, Alliance@work creates customized, rehearsal-based learning experiences where you discover how to use the power of strategic storytelling to unleash your team’s empathy and unlock their potential.

Why Theater?

Rehearsal lets you fail faster. By adapting the Rehearsal Process (probing, testing, and refining) to the workplace, your team will explore concepts “on their feet” and discover in the moment how to apply those concepts to their work. Alliance​@work adapts the theater rehearsal process to help you learn while doing. 

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Training Solutions

Leadership Development

Empower team leads, senior managers, and high potentials to motivate their teams, amplify their influence, and drive meaningful change through strategic storytelling.

Communication Training

Elevate the storytelling skills of your cross-functional teams, project managers, and client-facing staff to strengthen their professional relationships, provide effective feedback, and communicate their value with clarity and impact.

Sales Training

Enable the sales team to engage prospects more effectively and increase close rates with compelling storytelling during pitches and presentations.

Enhance your Professional Presence

Ensure teams at all levels of your organization are aware of the story they are telling when they engage with clients and colleagues and how that story is being perceived by others.

Teambuilding – Working Together More Mindfully

Deepen your functional, cross-functional, or project team’s ability to work together more efficiently, make better decisions, and create a positive work environment.

In a business that relies on relationships, the skills that Alliance@work builds are paramount to individual and organizational success.    
— Amy Happ, Grant Thornton

Who We Work With

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For over a decade, Alliance@work has partnered with signature brands to facilitate experiences at their:

  • Leadership Retreats  
  • Regional Meetings  
  • Onsite Team Training Days  
  • Client Engagement Experiences  
  • Lunch and Learns  
  • Teambuilding Gatherings  
  • Networking Events

Your investment in Alliance​@work goes directly back into the community, with all proceeds going to support advancing literacy in Georgia classrooms.


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