Field Trips

2022/23 Field Trips, Grades K–12

The Alliance Theatre will offer both in-person and virtual field trips during the 2022/23 season. 

To reserve tickets for your school group, call 404.733.4690 or email

Alliance Theatre for Youth and Families produces developmentally appropriate shows each season. These productions adhere to the same mission statement as the Alliance Theatre adult programming, which is to set the highest artistic standards and create the powerful experience of shared theatre for a diverse audience. A major goal of the Alliance Theatre for Youth is to diminish the age gaps between us, and no other regional theatre of the Alliance’s size consistently produces the same quality of work for all age groups. These plays are chosen with an eye to the needs of school curriculum and of young people and families in our community. They are also chosen to appeal to an age range that extends beyond the target age determination of each.

Research conducted through the Woodruff Arts Center’s Multi-Visit Program in partnership with the University of Arkansas’ National Endowment for the Arts Research Lab showed students who attend multiple arts field trips have higher levels of social-emotional skills, stronger school engagement, and higher standardized test scores.

Social and Academic Benefits of Attending Multiple Arts-Based Field Trips
Data Shows Arts Field Trips Improve Test Scores & Social-Emotional Skills 


A Christmas Carol
NOTE: At this time, all performances are sold-out and the waitlist is full. A stream of the performance will be available for purchase – stay tuned!
One of Atlanta’s most treasured holiday traditions.
Dates: November 30, December 1, 7, 8, 14, 15 // 10:30 AM
Price: $13.00 per person
Recommended Grades: Grades 2 – 12
Run Time: Approximately 150 minutes including a 15 minute intermission

Study Guide: Grades K-5

Study Guide: Grades 6-8


The Hot Wing King 
A fierce new comedy about the risk and rewards of being yourself. 
Dates: March 2 // 10:30 AM
Price: $12.50 per person
Curriculum Standards: ELAGSE9-10RL3, ELAGSE9-10RL4, ELAGSE11-12RL4, ELAGSE11-12RL5, ELAGSE11-12RL6, TAHSA.CN.2, TAHSFT.CN.1, SSSocC1, SSSocC3 
Recommended Grades: 9 – 12
Content Warning: Contains mature language and addresses topics including suicide, police violence, and sex.
Run Time: Approximately 145 minutes including a 15 minute intermission

Study Guide


Roob and Noob
Inspired by Rube Goldberg's magical machines, this unique theatrical performance combines science and the arts, proving that sometimes the most profound discoveries are achieved by simply playing.  
Dates: March 21 & 22 // 11:00 AM
Price: $6.50 per person 
Title I Price: $5.75 per person
Curriculum Standards: ELAGSEKRL1, ELAGSE1RL9, ELAGSE2RL3, SKP2a, S2P2, CSS.IDC.K-2.4, CSS.CT.K-2.5, TARE.1, TARE.2, TACN.1, TACN.2
Recommended Grades: Pre-K – 2
Run Time: Approximately 45 minutes 

Study Guide


The Many Wondrous Realities of Jasmine Starr-Kidd
Can an altered past lead to a better future? A touching story of fate, second chances, and accepting what we can’t change.  
Dates: March 9, 16, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31 // 10:30 AM  Limited Seats Remaining!
Price: $12.50 per person
Curriculum Standards: ELAGSE6RL3, ELAGSE7RL3, ELAGSE8RL6, ELAGSE9-10RL5, ELAGSE11-12RL3, TA6.CN.1, TA6.CN.2, TAHSTL.RE.1, SP1, CSS.DC.6-8.2, CSS.DC.6-8.5, CSS.IDC.6-8.18
Recommended Grades: 6 – 12
Run Time: TBD

Study Guide


The Boy Who Kissed the Sky
A new family musical that inspires us to dream big when it matters most. 
Dates: March 29, 30, 31 at 11:45 AM // April 5 at 9:45 AM & 11:45 AM // April 10, 11, 12, 14 at 10:00 AM
Price: $6.50 per person
Title I Price: $5.75 per person
Curriculum Standards: ELAGSE5RL2, ELAGSE5RL3, ELAGSE5RL7, ELAGSE5W8, ELAGSE5SL1, SS5H6, ESGM4.CN.1, ESGM4.CN.2, TA4.CN.1, TA4.CN.2
Recommended Grades: 3 – 8
Run Time: Approximately 70 minutes 

Study Guide


An animated short celebrating the power of youth to change history.
Dates: Available year round 
Price: $5 per student for classroom; $3 per student for grade level
Curriculum Standards: ELAGSE5RL2, ELAGSE5RL3, ELAGSE5RL7, ELAGSE5W8, ELAGSE5SL1, SS5H6, TA5.CR.1, TA5.CN.1, TA5.CN.2
Recommended Grades: 3 – 8

Study Guide


Pre/Post-Show Workshops

Interested in enriching and engaging workshops for your students that relate to your Alliance Theatre field trip? Pre/post-show workshops are a great chance to extend learning beyond the stage and can occur virtually or in-person. Pre/post-show workshops can be drama-based or literacy-based. Drama-based workshops focus on using the tools of the actor (voice, body, and imagination) to explore moments from the play. Students will act as the characters themselves, recreate scenes from the play, and/or explore central themes. Literacy-based workshops make a stronger connection to school curriculum and grade level standards. For example, students explore the characteristics and qualities of the main characters, setting, problem/solution, etc. through arts-integrated exercises. If your group would like to attend a pre/post-show workshop, please fill out the form at the link below. We recommend that you book your group's tickets to a production before initiating plans for a pre- or post-show workshop.

Workshop Interest Form


2022/23 Kathy & Ken Bernhardt Theatre for the Very Young Field Trips, Ages 0-5

For field trips, group sales, touring information, and pricing email

(Knock, Knock) 
(In-Person & Virtual)
A floor to floor adventure, meeting and celebrating the holidays with a variety of friends who all call The Apartment Building home.
Dates: November 30 – December 23, 2022
Virtual Dates: Available January 2023
Recommended Ages: 0 – 5

All Smiles 
(In-Person & Virtual)
A delightful show developed in partnership with the Marcus Autism Center that explores how all smiles are different. 
Dates: January 26 – March 5, 2023
Virtual Dates: Available March 2023
Recommended Ages: 0 – 5
Touring and in-house field trips available. 

The Lizard and El Sol 
(In-Person & Virtual)
An interactive adventure based on a famous Mexican folktale that culminates in a grand festival celebrating the joy of sunshine and friendship.
Dates: March 16 – April 30, 2023
Virtual Dates: Available May 2023
Recommended Ages: 0 – 5
Touring and in-house field trips available. 


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