The Alliance Theatre is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our organization. We encourage people of all races, ethnicities, religions, orientations, creeds, and the differently abled to submit for auditions.  


The Alliance generally holds two invited calls for each of its Coca-Cola and Hertz Productions. The first in Atlanta with intent to cast as many local actors as possible and appropriate, and the second in New York (NY calls are based primarily on agent submissions through adjunct NY Casting Directors). Theatre for Youth and Family Productions are cast exclusively with metro-Atlanta actors. 

* Local actors are defined as someone who resides within a 60-mile radius from the Capitol.  


Actors interested in being considered for casting at the alliance theatre must submit a headshot and resume. Actors local to metro Atlanta should submit to: Actors not local to Atlanta are encouraged to submit based on specific show roles being produced in the current season (see below). Out of town actors should submit to:


The most effective way for the Alliance to get to know talent is through a general audition. When called for a general, actors are asked to prepare two contrasting monologues no more than three minutes combined. Monologues can contrast in any number of ways – style, tone, genre, etc. Singers should prepare 16 bars acapella.   

Actors may also prepare performance art that exemplifies any additional talents, including but not limited to: dance, poetry, rap, comedy, etc. This should be no longer than a minute.

For other information about other auditions in Atlanta, visit   


Young people and adults who are interested in acting classes can explore more offerings by the Alliance Education Department online. Many of these classes offer audition experience and often conclude with a performance.  

The Alliance Education Department also offers free resources for actors and playwrights of any experience level: 

Free Awareness For Actors: Alexander Technique Workshop

Free Acting Basics Workshops (multiple)

Free On Camera Workshops (multiple)


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