Palefsky Collision Project


For three weeks each summer, the Alliance Theatre assembles a diverse group of teenagers to "collide" with a source text under the guidance of a professional playwright and director.  

For the first two weeks of this dynamic project, ensemble members unpack the source text, engage in an intensive series of theater workshops with guest artists, converse with subject matter experts, and express their unique reflections upon these experiences through daily creative writing exercises.  These reflections are then woven together to create a new piece of theater inspired by the source text, but perceived through the ensemble's utterly unique and contemporary prism.  The third and final week of the program includes a rigorous rehearsal process that culminates with final performances at the Alliance Theatre.

For over 20 years, the Palefsky Collision Project has empowered teens to create theater, for and about themselves, as collaborative, creative, and confident young artists.

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MLK Day Virtual Performance: Dear Dr. King

Each MLK Day, young artists from the Palefsky Collision Project reconvene to reimagine their summer performance through the lens of letters to Dr. King.

Watch 2022 Performance

Save the date!

MLK Day Performances will take place on Monday, January 16, 2023.  Additional information will be available soon.

Palefsky Collision Project Summer 2023

Information regarding the 22nd annual Palefsky Collision Project will be available in January 2023.  Please visit this page at that time to learn more about Summer 2023 program dates, performances, the source text, and the application/interview process for the program.

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This experience is free to all participants through generous support from Howard and Victoria Palefsky


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