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An exploration of theater and the people who make it happen.

The Alliance Theatre Podcast helps support our mission of expanding hearts and minds on stage and off. Episodes may feature conversations and roundtable discussions with theatre professionals, a series of stories and other theatrical hijinks, news, and more.

Featuring The Alliance Theatre Staff.


Season 5

Episode 2: A Holly Jolly Holiday Episode, December 2023


Episode 1: The Artist Talk with Mark Valdez, October 2023


Season 4

Episode 11: The Artist Talk with Rick Elice & Jessica Stone, June 2023


Episode 10: The Artist Talk with Divinity Roxx and Eugene H. Russell IV, April 2023 // Read the Transcript


Episode 9: A New Season: In Conversation with Chris Moses and Tinashe Kajese-Bolden, April 2023 // Read the Transcript


Episode 8: Artist Talk with Stephen Brown, March 2023


Episode 7: Giving Flowers: A Special Black History Month Episode featuring Maya Lawrence & Aierelle Jacob, February 2023


Episode 6: Artist Talk with Katori Hall, February 2023


Episode 5: Artist Talk with Andrew Benator and Neal Ghant, December 2022


Episode 4: A Conversation with Margarita Kompelmakher and Trent Anderson, November 2022


Episode 3: A Conversation with Lex Liang & Tinashe Kajese-Bolden, September 2022


Episode 2: A Conversation with Corey Smith, August 2022


Episode 1: A Conversation with Jamil Jude, July 2022


Season 3

Episode 1: Tomi Martin: The Cool Guy, September 2021


Season 2

Episode 7: "Communication is key to healing our society," May 2021


Episode 6: Tamilla Woodard talks WORKING: A Musical, March 2021


Episode 5: Managing Director Edition with Emika Abe and Mike Schleifer, February 2021


Episode 4: Merging your Art & your Impact, with Maya Lawrence, January 2021


Episode 3: An Interview with Alliance Theatre's Jennings Hertz Artistic Director, Susan V. Booth, December 2020


Episode 2: Press Play on Ghost Light, November 2020


Episode 1: Art & Activism with Pearl Cleage, October 2020


Season 1

Episode 9: Playwrights Roundtable, Spring 2020


Episode 8: Lon Bumgarner, Acting Teaching Artist, March 2020


Episode 7: Jesse Green, Co-Chief Theatre Critic for The New York Times in conversation with Jennings Hertz Artistic Director Susan V. Booth, February 2020


Episode 6: Hershey Millner (BOLD Artistic Associate & Co-Chair of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee at the Alliance Theatre), February 2020


Episode 5: Courtenay Collins (Actor), December 2019


Episode 4: Theatre Horror Stories (Alliance Theatre Staff), October 2019


Episode 3: Jerry Mitchell (Broadway Director and Choreographer), September 2019


Episode 2: Chris Moses (Dan Reardon Director of Education/Associate Artistic Director), September 2019


Episode 1: Donya K. Washington (Director and Producer), August 2019



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