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A Conversation with Corey Smith

Welcome to Season 4 of the Alliance Theatre Podcast: An exploration of theater and the people who make it happen.


As our lead Patron Services and Memberships manager and a Director of the IDEA-LGBTQIA Sub-Committee, Corey Smith is one of our most “audience facing” reps. Not only does that give him insight on what our audiences want, but a clear view on the steps we are taking as an organization to develop inclusivity from the inside out. With a new season upon us, we chat about what our loyal and new audiences can expect our commitment to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our patrons and so much more.

Aniska Tonge is the social media manager and content producer at the Alliance Theatre, where she offers audiences an inside look at the who, how and why of the stories we tell. An artist at heart, her writing and photography highlights her endless love of the arts. And as she continues to fall in love with the culture created by the city of Atlanta she hopes that theatre is a way to highlight the inspiring people behind it.

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