Alliance/Kendeda Week

Join us as we celebrate the Alliance/Kendeda National Graduate Playwriting Competition. From May 18–21, we will be featuring readings of this year's finalists. This schedule is subject to change.

All of the readings will happen virtually via zoom, and are free and open to the public. RSVPs are required.

Sunday, May 16

Alliance Theatre Anywhere Showcase
12:00 a.m.–11:59 p.m.
For 24 hours, we are going to spotlight our new works and digital content on Alliance Theatre Anywhere. Programming includes the digital series Laugh Track – a sketch comedy show produced with Dad’s Garage; Spotlight Studio – a series of original new work by local Atlanta artists created for a digital platform; and more.  

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Tuesday, May 18

Mother of Exiles
by Jessica Huang (Juilliard)
Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh
In 1898 California, a pregnant Eddie Loi faces deportation. In 1998 Miami, her grandson Braulio accidentally summons her spirit while patrolling the border. In 2063, somewhere on the ocean, their descendants try to survive the climate crisis. An epic multigenerational tale of sacrifice, love, and survival that spans 150 years in 90 minutes.
4:00 p.m.



Wednesday, May 19

The Singularity Play
by Jay Stull (Columbia)
Directed by Keenan Tyler Oliphant
In an unused room at the Google offices in Manhattan, a theater troupe has gathered to rehearse a new play written by an advanced AI named "Denise." In an art that relies so substantially upon our human-ness, what does it mean to cede the stage to artificial intelligence? Who are we when reflected by the intelligence we’ve created?
4:00 p.m.



Thursday, May 20

Harpers Ferry 2019
by Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin (Indiana University)
Directed by Ibi Owolabi
At the Harpers Ferry National Park In sleepy West Virginia, park rangers gather to prepare for the anniversary of John Brown’s infamous raid on Harpers Ferry one hundred sixty years after the event. When race and politics enter the equation, history repeats itself in a surprising and violent way.
4:00 p.m.



Friday, May 21

2020: a going away party play
by Keyanna Khatiblou (Northwestern)
Directed by Jamil Jude
First generation Iranian-American Mina is throwing a party for her closest friends and for you, the audience. Using games, flashbacks, and storytelling, the ensemble reflects on the modern American identity and shares a retelling of Mina's parents falling in love and staying in love while fleeing the Iranian Revolution. 2020: A GOING AWAY PARTY PLAY is a celebration of multicultural identities and exploration of what it means to leave or lose your home country.
4:00 p.m.





Alliance/Kendeda National Graduate Playwriting Competition winner, DATA, will be presented virtually in an interactive, live experience produced in partnership with Georgia State University's Creative Media Industries Institute, May 6 – 23, 2021.

DATA takes audiences into the world of highly controversial technologies and the people who create them. In DATA, Maneesh is a brilliant entry-level programmer content to work in the low-stress environment of User Experience until he learns the true nature of his company’s confidential business. Faced with a crisis of conscious, Maneesh must come to terms with his own American identity and the personal and societal cost of his work.  

In addition to the filmed production of DATA, each live performance will begin with an interactive lobby experience developed by Atlanta-based company, SUBSUME. A tech platform for storytellers, SUBSUME allows audience members to create their own avatar, walk around, talk and interact with other audience members, and enter the virtual theater to watch the production together, all from their own computer screen. Live virtual performances of DATA are Thursdays - Sundays, May 6 – 23, 2021. The streaming production is also available on-demand, without the live experience, anytime between May 6 – 23, 2021.

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