Allyship Training

The Alliance Theatre believes that acknowledging and embracing differences in identity is essential to a dynamic cultural conversation. With this commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion the Alliance created an original allyship curriculum utilizing theater-based learning strategies. This interactive and impactful program asks participants to challenge assumptions, acknowledge biases, and establish a culture of genuine equity, inclusion, and justice in their workplaces, homes, and lives.

Allyship for Companies & Nonprofits

Using theater-based learning strategies this training explores identity, privilege and empathy deficits in both small and large group formats. Nonprofit discounts are available.

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Allyship for Arts Organizations

The Alliance Theatre has integrated Allyship Training into all levels of our business from board leadership to volunteer ushers. We are now offering a full suite of trainings to other institutions in the arts and culture sector. 

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Allyship for Educators

The Alliance Theatre Institute offers this professional learning event for groups of educators at the district and school levels. Utilizing components of theater to deconstruct personal bias in our lived experiences, the workshop equips educators with the ability to infuse anti-oppression tools into educational practices.

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"There are many times that I find myself reflecting after a meeting, thinking there are a million other things I could have done than attend that meeting. NOT this one! It truly was the best 2 ½ hours I have spent in a long time! I left the meeting with a greater sense of myself and awareness of others."— Charity Hayes, National Vision

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