Dramaturgy by Students

A professional dramaturg is a critical member of a theater’s production team whose responsibilities include: researching and supplying contextual information to the creative team (director and designers), advocating for the playwright’s intentions, assisting in the selection process of plays for an upcoming season, and engaging an audience through educational materials and community programming.

In this residency, students conduct research and closely analyze text to create artful educational materials. These student-led resources are then assembled into a dramaturgical study guide that is provided to the production’s creative team for reference throughout the rehearsal process, directly informing and impacting the development of the piece. Additionally, the study guide is posted to the Alliance Theatre Field Trips webpage as a resource for teachers and students who attend each Alliance Theatre production.


Grades 2-12

Program Components

  • 10 Classroom Sessions 
  • 4 Planning Meetings 
  • 1 Orientation 

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