Finding Funding

Many schools are eager to participate in an arts-integrated residency or workshop but find the cost to be a barrier. To alleviate this financial challenge, the Alliance Theatre Institute offers a discount on programming for Title I schools.

In seeking funding, we suggest that teachers begin by approaching their school principal or administrative leader about available funds within the school budget. Remember: a residency program or workshop not only serves students, but offers high quality, job-embedded professional learning for educators. While the first instinct may be to pull funding from an arts line item, it is also appropriate to use professional learning funds to cover the cost for our programs.

The Alliance Theatre Institute also maintains close partnerships with area school district personnel, such as a district fine art coordinator. If a school is unable to cover the cost of a program, it is worth asking a representative from the school district if any funding is available. Our team is glad to assist in making that request.

In the event school or district funding is not available, a teacher may consider applying for grant funding from an outside source. Please see a list of outside funding resources, below.

The Alliance Theatre team is available as a resource for teachers when applying for grants. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Institute team with questions:

Georgia Council for the Arts

  • Project Grants support single art projects such as an art exhibit, a theatre production, a series of workshops for children, or an artist residency.
  • Arts Education Program Grants support arts programs delivered to K-12 students in a variety of disciplines, including visual art, music, theatre, dance, media arts, and creative writing.
  • Vibrant Communities Grants support single art projects such as an art exhibit, a theatre production, a series of workshops for children, or an artist residency.

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Title IV Funding

Title IV-A funds a "well-rounded education," which focuses on access for all children. The funds are distributed annually by each state to each district. Funds are spent at the district level, not school site level.

Title IV specifically lists funding music and "the arts" (includes visual and performing arts) as a potential area that can help districts and schools. Integrating the arts into other learning programs is also a specified area of support in the Title IV, Part A grant. This grant could help fund new arts integration programs. Activities and programs in music and "the arts" are specifically listed as an activity that improves student engagement and achievement in a well-rounded education.

Title IV, Part B also supports enrichment opportunities in music and arts.

Speak with your administrator about using Title IV, part A funds to participate in an Alliance Theatre Institute program.

stART Grant

The purpose of the stART grants is to assist rural schools and districts in creating and developing arts initiatives that support quality arts education programs that significantly improve student access to the arts.

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