Inside the Artist's Perspective of a Scene

Inside the Actor's Perspective of a Scene

The Alliance Theatre is hosting a weeklong Virtual Play Club focusing on the 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning play Sweat as a catalyst for connectivity, creativity and civic participation. 

Sweat is an incisive account of changing attitudes toward labor and class in America that examines the human costs of the urgent questions we  grapple with today in the Covid-19 crisis—what counts as essential labor? How does unemployment impact our mental health? How is economic mobility shaped by race and ethnicity?

Virtually gather with family and friends using the “HOST YOUR OWN PLAY CLUB” guide and explore artistic and civic issues in Sweat. Follow prompts for discussion and artistic interpretation to turn your gathering into an at-home theatre experience that you create. 

Then, join us on May 1st - International Labor Day - for a conversation with Tinashe Kajese-Bolden, Director, and Pearl Cleage, award winning Atlanta-based playwright, on Sweat and the role of theatre in reflecting and creating in times of crisis. Featuring guest appearances and commentary from Atlanta theatre artists and community activists. 

As you are reading along, get an insight into artistic perspectives on act 2, scene 2 of Sweat from the cast.

Lines Referenced in SWEAT Audio – Act 2 , Scene 2 


Jason 's Perspective
Pg. 62

JASON. “The union won’t stand for it.”     CYNTHIA. “Guess what, the union don’t got a lot to say about it.”  

Hear from AJ Jones


Tracey's Perspective
Pg. 62

CYNTHIA. “You’ve been at making? Olstead’s a long time and they don’t want to carry the burden anymore.”  

CYNTHIA. “With this NAFTA bullshit they can move the whole factory to Mexico tomorrow morning, and a woman like you will stand for sixteen hours and be happy making a fraction of what they’re paying you.” 

CYNTHIA. “It ain’t gonna be easy. I can tell you how it’s gonna play Sweat out. They’re gonna ask for everyone to take a pay cut to save jobs. Sixty percent.” 

Pg. 63 

CYNTHIA. “They’re gonna ask for concessions on your benefits package next. I’m being straight. No bullshit. They’re gonna ask you for more hours.” 

Hear from Courtenay Collins


Cynthia's Perspective
Pg. 63

CYNTHIA. “…I am doing everything I can, babe. And I don’t know what more you want me to do?” 

Hear from Deidre Henry


Chris's Perspective
Pg. 62

CHRIS. “Lester’s on it.” 

Hear from Brandon Burditt


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