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Pearl Makes A List: July 6, 2020

Pearl Makes A List: July 6, 2020

This week isn't really a list as much as an announcement and an invitation. The announcement is that I'm going to suspend my lists for the next three weeks so I can concentrate on The Palefsky Collision Project. This wonderful program, generously endowed by Vicki and Howard Palefsky, brings together 20 talented Atlanta area high school students for a three week arts intensive at the end of which we present a wholly original performance written by the participants and shaped by me and Patrick McColery, our Collision director, and the entire team of artists, activists and teachers who bring the program to life every summer. This is my tenth year with the project and it is always equal parts exciting and exhausting. This year we'll be doing it virtually for the first time and we are all eagerly anticipating this shared adventure. But one thing I've learned is that during the three weeks of the project, my brain cannot absorb another thing. Just keeping up with our 20 young participants takes up all the headspace I can muster. So, I will resume my lists on July 27. That's the announcement. The invitation is to please share our virtual performances on July 24 and 25. Watch this space for details! We'd love to have you share this moment with us and I guarantee these young people will give you something to think about! They always banish all traces of cynicism from my heart and replace it with pure joy. Nice work if you can get it! Stay safe! 


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And check out the Palefsky Collision Project on July 25 at 2:30pm.

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