Teen Audience Fusion

Each year, the Alliance Theatre partners with area high schools to bring hundreds of students to evening performances.  Prior to the performance, students have dinner together and engage in a workshop that grapples with an essential question from the show.  An informal survey is conducted to quantify students’ responses to the prompt.  Then, they are invited to “infuse” the audience of theater patrons, and they are encouraged to start a community-wide conversation - centered on that very prompt - with their neighbors.  After the performance, students are gathered to participate in a post-show survey.  More often than not, students’ hearts and minds significantly shift as a result of their theater-going experience.  

While student matinees remain an integral program through which the Alliance Theatre is able to serve thousands of students of all ages throughout the year, this program offers the unique opportunity for teens to engage in mature, genuine dialogue with fellow arts patrons. 

For more information, contact Liz Davis at liz.davis@alliancetheatre.org or 404-733-5256. 

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