Coca-Cola Stage

The Coca-Cola Stage Wins the 2021 Interior Architecture Award

We're thrilled to announce that the Coca-Cola Stage has won a 2021 Interior Architecture Award from the American Institute of Architects! This wouldn't be possible without our incredible designer, Trahan Architects. The renovation of our main stage is something we had worked towards for a long time and we're so humbled by this recognition. We miss this space and can't wait to be back in it soon.

“At the heart of a celebrated arts center campus in Atlanta,” the American Institute of Architects (AIA) says, “the Coca-Cola Stage at the Alliance Theatre has been transformed, demonstrating what is possible when a multi-disciplinary team works in concert. Perfectly tuned acoustically to deliver world-class performances to its patrons, the project also moved the 650-foot chamber 10 feet closer to the stage and challenged historic notions of segregation and discrimination by removing the separation between the balcony and orchestra. As an additional unifying feature, all seating zones are accessible from every entrance within the chamber.”

About the award, Trahan says: “It is an honor to be recognized for our work, especially this project which was rooted in designing for equity and inclusion. The collaboration of our incredible team of designers and consultants, along with the leadership team of the Alliance Theatre, created a high design space that will continue to serve the community and provide access to the arts.”

From the beginning, the renovation project was “guided by a desire to design for equitable communities,” AIA explains. “Across the American South, theatre balconies are vestiges of racism for many people of color. As the team moved through the design process, the idea emerged to blend the balcony and the orchestra to create a space with no separation and provide circulation between both seating heights. Box seating has historically included separate access through a segregated lobby sequence, but in this project, it exists as a continuum to create a democratic space.”

For more information about the award, our space, and the inspiration behind the design and how it was rooted in equity and inclusion, visit the article here or AIA's website.




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