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Tomi Martin: The Cool Guy

Welcome to Season 3 of the Alliance Theatre Podcast: An exploration of theater and the people who make it happen.

Tomi Martin has worked with musicians including Madonna, Justin Bieber, T-Pain, and more. With Martin set to man the guitar for DARLIN' CORY – the time seemed more than opportune to discuss his love of music and art, how that love can influence what matters, and what it means to be the cool guy.


TOMI MARTIN is a native of Louisville, KY, and grew up as a preacher’s kid listening to the radio and developing a love for the music as well as the artists. His exposure to gospel, rock, soul, and jazz made a lasting impression and made him certain that he wanted to be a professional musician. Tomi transitions easily from studio to stage, which helped develop his reputation as both a session guitarist and musical director for concert tours, television specials, and feature film projects. As a music director, Tomi blends rock, pop, R&B, and hard funk into solid tracks with musical hooks that help make hit records. His unique guitar work and creative support have been a huge part of successful records and world tours for such artists as: John Legend, OutKast, Justin Bieber, Madonna, TLC, Stevie Nicks, Miley Cyrus, and The Indigo Girls.

ANISKA TONGE is the social media manager and content producer at the Alliance Theatre, where she offers audiences an inside look at the who, how and why of the stories we tell. An artist at heart, her writing and photography highlights her endless love of the arts. And as she continues to fall in love with the culture created by the city of Atlanta she hopes that theatre is a way to highlight the inspiring people behind it. 

Set against the backdrop of 1920s Appalachia, DARLIN’ CORY is a haunting new musical by playwright & novelist Phillip DePoy (EDWARD FOOTE) and Sugarland's Grammy-Award winning front man, Kristian Bush (TROUBADOUR). In a tiny mountain town with no road in – and no road out – a community carries secrets of all sizes. But when a young woman with ambition and intelligence collides with a pastor deeply committed to preserving the status quo, cracks begin to appear in the town’s well-constructed façade. And when a stranger appears with a mysterious backstory and the best moonshine anyone’s ever tasted – some of those secrets threaten to spill. With an original folk-country score, this modern-day myth inspired by local lore promises to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.


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