Working Parts: Theater Production

The Working Parts: Theater Production residency program is a virtual offering that highlights key components of producing theater, including playwriting, directing, acting, and stage management, as well as technical aspects such as set, costume, lighting, and sound design. Through this program, high school teachers are provided the tools required to foster a complete understanding of the many working parts involved in building an Alliance Theatre Classic Remix production. The residency concludes with a viewing of the final piece, followed by an exclusive debrief meeting with the outstanding industry professionals behind the work.


Grades 6-12

Program Components

  • 2 Planning Meetings
  • 1 Residency Kit
  • 4 Classroom Sessions (real-time video conferences)
  • 5 Pre-recorded video lessons
  • 1 Culminating viewing of the production
  • 1 Exclusive debrief meeting with creative and technical teams

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