Youth & Teen Classes FAQs

Class Recommendations

What class should my student take first?

If your student has not taken any previous acting classes, we recommend the following starting point.

Ages 3-5 – Family Storytelling
Ages 4-5 – Arts Explosion
Grades 1-2 – Creative Dramatics
Grades 3-5 – Acting: Basics, grades 3-5
Grades 6-8 – Acting: Basics, grades 6-8
Grades 9-12 – Acting: Basics, grades 9-12

What should my student take as a second class?

The teachers will make recommendations for each student during the final week of a class session, but traditionally the second class for each age/grade group is as follows:

Please note – all classes for ages 18 months through age 5 are designed to be taken several times, the class will vary the themes so that it is a different experience each time.

Ages 3-5 – Arts Explosion
Ages 4-5 – Sing a Story
Grades 1-2 – Creative Kids on Camera or Musical Theater
Grades 3-5 – Acting: Scenes, grades 3-5
Grades 6-8 – Acting: Scene Study, grades 6-8
Grades 9-12 – Acting: Scene Study, grades 9-12

What should my student take as a third class?

For ages 3-5, all classes are designed to be taken several times. The class will vary the themes so that it is a different experience each time.

For students grades K-12, the third class can be more elective style. Students may chose from on camera classes, improv comedy, playwriting, etc. The teacher of their current class will again make recommendations based on your student’s goals and interests.

How long are the classes?

Class sessions run for 6 weeks or 4 weeks in the June and July sessions and meet once a week. Most classes are 1-2 hours based on the age/grade group. 

Class Policies

Will masks be required? 

Masks are encouraged but not required.

Has your HVAC system been upgraded? 

Yes. The HVAC system in the Woodruff Arts Center has been upgraded. Our new ionization system provides a 99.4% reduction on COVID-19 within 30 minutes. 

What is your sick policy?

We do not offer makeup classes in the event of a student's absence. If a teaching artist is absent and the class is canceled, a makeup class will be scheduled.

What is the transfer and cancellation policy?

Prior to the registration deadline, the student may: transfer to another class; apply tuition to another session, or request a full refund.

After the registration deadline, the student may: transfer to another class or receive refund minus a $50 drop fee.

Once a class session has begun, a student may transfer to a different class up to the start of the second class session. No refunds may be given once a class has begun.

Do you have payment plans? 

Yes. The Alliance Theatre offers weekly and biweekly payment plans for classes. Payment plans are paid over 4 installments. 

Payment Plan Policy

This Payment Plan Policy outlines the terms and conditions for individuals participating in our payment plan option. Please read this  carefully to understand your responsibilities and the consequences of missed or delayed payments.

Payment Authorization: By enrolling in our payment plan option, you authorize our system to automatically charge your credit card on file for the agreed-upon installment amounts and schedule.

Missed Payment: If a payment is missed, you will receive a notification from our Patron Services team informing you of the unsuccessful transaction. You are required to update your credit card information promptly to avoid any disruption in your payment plan.

Late Fee: In the event that you need to delay a payment, a $10 late fee will be charged. This fee is applicable for each late installment.

Payment Adjustment: If you encounter financial difficulties and are unable to meet your scheduled payment, please contact our Patron Services team at or 404.733.4600 in advance. A $10 late fee will still be applied for each delayed installment.

Cancellation by Participant: If you decide to discontinue your participation in the program and notify us before starting the program, your payments to date will be refunded, less a $10 administrative fee. If you cancel after starting the program, no refunds will be offered.

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