Meisner Masterclass II: Applications

Meisner Masterclass II: Applications



You do NOT have to take Meisner Masterclass I as a prerequisite for this course. This course focuses on the idea of "giving over." We will be working on tools to help us give over to the circumstances, giving over to our partners, and giving over to the moments. Allowing the moments to dominate instead of the words. This sessions students will perform scenes that will be presented to an audience invited colleagues, friends, and family.

  • Through exercises, Learn what it means to live moment to moment, working offof your partner allowing each moment to be spontaneous and authentic to the truth of the scene.
  • Trust your point of view and exercise your impulses to develop strong and instinctive choices.
  • Work on being a penetrable actor, one that allows each and every moment from your partner or activities to “do you.”
  • Provide tools to create a strong inner emotional life with the ability to simply “give over” to the given circumstances of any scene or situation.

Monday & Thursdays, 7 PM -9:30 PM (5 Monday classes to prep scenes)

16 classes over 12 weeks

First Class: Thursday, June 8th

Last Class: Thursday, August 31st (5 Monday Classes to prepare scenes: July 31st, August 7th, August 14th, August 21st, & August 28th)

No Class: Thursday, July 6th

Tuition: $489
Maximum of 16 students 

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