The Actor's Voice
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The Actor's Voice


  • Learn physical warm-ups and techniques to improve vocal quality
  • Learn to project your voice
  • Support your voice properly
  • Improve diction and enunciation
  • Learn to connect the physical, vocal & emotional life of your characters

To prepare prior to the first class, students should have a monologue or other piece of speech text ready to work with. Students should be very familiar with it (if not memorized) and bring two printed copies to class. 

For the text:
Monologues should be from a full-length play or TV/film script. They should be contemporary in language/style and approximately 1 minute long.  Non-dramatic text such as a presentation excerpt is also welcome provided it follows the length guideline.

We recommended students: 

  • Wear comfortable clothing with movement in mind
  • Bring/wear layers – the temperatures vary in our studios
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bring something on which notes can be taken 

Maximum of 12 Students - Meets 2 sessions
Tuition: $125
Class duration: 3 hours

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