Alliance Theatre Free Family Fun Day with UNICEF, USA

Sun, Sep 8
Woodruff Arts Center

Alliance Theatre Free Family Day with UNICEF, USA  

September 8, 2019 - 1 - 4 PM

The Alliance Theatre joins forces with UNICEF USA to provide arts-based, interactive workshops designed to raise awareness and improve the lives of children across the globe. Using storytelling and theatre, families will work together to explore practical solutions to some of the world’s most vexing humanitarian problems. The event will culminate in a peaceful demonstration, “Get Up Stand Up”, to lift our voices against the injustices children face around the world. 

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Planned Activities: 

Children on the Move Simulation - Migrant/Refugee Boat Journey 
Families put themselves in the shoes of a refugee as they are walked through a simulation activity in which they make life changing decisions. 

Trick-or-Treat with Alliance Theatre Teen Ensemble 
Join the Alliance Theatre Teen Ensemble in an interactive performance to learn more about Trick or Treat for UNICEF. 

International Dance Zone 
Engage in African Dance with Mama Yeye and Baba Tony while wearing a UNICEF Kid Power Band. Earn points by being active with your kid power band and start helping children in need. Experience the power of getting active and saving lives. 

Machines in Motion 
In this creative movement workshop, families devise a solution to a global issue through improvisation and imagination.  

Get Up, Stand Up 
Through story and facilitated conversation among families, learn how to become an active citizen by participating in a peaceful demonstration on a topic related to kids’ well-being.  

Photo Station 

Water Filtration Station 
Many children and families risk getting sick when they drink unsafe water. Learn how to build a portable filtration system which can be used in times when access to water is affected by natural disasters. 

Virtual Reality Video 
Experience the life of a child on the move through their eyes in a virtual reality video. 

Send a welcome letter to refugee family 
Learn about what it means to be a refugee and what UNICEF is doing to support children on the run. Color a picture or write a welcome letter to a refugee family who’s recently made a home in Atlanta. 

Lahza Exhibit 
Experience the lives of children through their own eyes by viewing an art display created by children in the Zatari refugee camp in Jordan. 

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