"HOME: Stories from Buford Highway" Lobby Exhibit

Fri, Jan 28 - Sun, Feb 13
Hertz Stage


HOME: Stories from Buford Highway  

In Partnership with We Love Buford Highway, Inc. 

Hertz Stage Lobby // Available before and after performances of DREAM HOU$E, Jan 28 – Feb 13 

HOME: Stories from Buford Highway is a curated exhibit drawn from the story collection work of We Love Buford Highway, Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve the multicultural identity of Atlanta’s Buford Highway. Featured in this exhibit are profiles of immigrants and their descendants who live and work along the Buford Highway Corridor, which is, historically, one of the most diverse areas of the United States. This collection of stories investigates the relationship between space, community, heritage, and trust, and articulates a collective portrait of the impact made possible by these voices along the corridor. Part of the exhibit is dedicated to the specific contributions of Latino/a entrepreneurs to Buford Highway's iconic food scene.

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