The Incredible Book Eating Boy (Stream)

Alliance Theatre Anywhere
Run time is approximately 75 minutes
Recommended for all audiences

Book by Madhuri Shekar 
Music by Christian Magby 
Lyrics by Christian Albright  
Directed by Jamil Jude 
Inspired by the book The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers 

Henry loves books.  But he hates reading them. Because books are so full of... words! Annoying, complicated, indecipherable words! Then one day he discovers the most amazing alternative to reading - eating the books whole. By chowing down, chomping, and literally digesting the contents of whole libraries, Henry gets smarter, and smarter and smarter... until his tummy doesn't feel so good. A story about literally biting off more than you can chew, this new musical celebrates the joy of reading and the insatiable appetite for knowledge.  Inspired by award-winning children's book author Oliver Jeffers' hilarious book, The Incredible Book Eating Boy  promises to leave you full! 

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