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Going beyond the Values Slide

Organizational values are often reduced to bullet points in a presentation rather than serving as a true guide for decision-making and a foundation for the company culture. Too often, the extent of values exposure means occasionally defining abstract principles or reciting expected behaviors. This misses a rich opportunity for personalized discovery.

Every team member has unique strengths to embody values daily through their working styles, collaborative actions, and leadership communications to shape positive outcomes.

This immersive learning experience provides a creative stage for professionals to identify and hone their personal value propositions – recognizing individual and collective power to translate principles into tangible behaviors that uplift culture and performance.

The Values On-their-Feet Challenge: Working in cohorts of ten, the teams create a two-minute group “informances” that demonstrates organizational principles and values in action, making them conspicuously visible through enacted workplace behaviors and relationships. This collective problem-solving workshop challenges teams to transform the values from abstract ideas into recognizable and real behaviors. Drawing inspiration from theater, cohorts will outline, direct, and
perform two-minute group “commercials” that demonstrate an assigned KPMG value and how to live it.

During the hands-on process, participants will have the opportunity to apply their values in action and use the experience to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. The aim of the session is to help participants become more intentional in letting their values guide their communication, relationships, and problem-solving skills by directly experiencing how values can spark solutions.


Following the session, the team will be able to...

  • Recognize and articulate their unique personal values-based strengths to enhance workplace decisions, relationships, and outcomes.
  • Assess the alignment of individual values set against organizational principles to identify congruencies and gaps.
  • Apply a values lens to consciously filter communications, collaborations, and problem-solving.
  • Develop their personal brand and determine what specific story they want to tell.

What it could look like

Here is a suggested agenda for this session. It can be customized to align with the team’s specific
needs including learning outcomes, session duration, and job scenarios to ensure effectiveness.

Setting the Stage

45 minutes

The session will start with warm-up and focus exercises, for example:

A Stage Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Working in small groups, the team will use frozen stage pictures and gestures to create a narrative, without relying on words.

Building the Tool Kit

90 minutes

Next, the team will learn through interactive activities that focus on these specific skills aligned to on-the-job situations.

  • Active listening
  • Balancing self-awareness with presence and connections with other people
  • Keeping the focus on building and maintaining continued progress, motion, and forward action toward realizing the defined goals and desired outcomes
  • Communicating to facilitate and enable, not dictate, the group’s
Putting into Practice

75 minutes

Then the team will show their work.

Our Values on-their-Feet

Teams of ten create two-minute “informances” that showcase workplace values through demonstrated behaviors and relationships.

Moving Forward

15 minutes

The session ends with time to reflect on what has been learned.

Our Implementation Plan

The team will discuss individual and collective strategies to apply session concepts and tools to their job goals.



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