The Art of Networking

This interactive session aims to help the team master the art of fluid, meaningful, and authentic networking conversations. Through practical techniques and rehearsal exercises, participants will learn to overcome common sticking points such as remembering names, entering and exiting group conversations, pivoting to sales, and dealing with awkward silences. The objective is to turn dreaded small talk into easy exchanges that uncover common ground and possibility. By the end of the session, the team will have gained conversational confidence to connect purposefully and authentically, regardless of how unfamiliar the space may be.


Following the session, the team will be able to...

  • Start conversations smoothly, mindfully, and with confidence
  • Lead energetic group discussions by actively listening and participating
  • Remember names and details by creating associations
  • Ease awkward silences with humor and understanding
  • Shift small talk to uncover commonalities and business opportunities

What it could look like

Here is a suggested agenda for this session. It can be customized to align with the team’s specific
needs including learning outcomes, session duration, and job scenarios to ensure effectiveness.

Setting the Stage

45 minutes

The session will start with warm-up and focus exercises, for example:

Sharing Networking Nightmares

Working in pairs, the team shares painful, clumsy, or awkward
networking stories.

Building the Tool Kit

90 minutes

Next, the team will learn through interactive activities that focus on these specific skills aligned to on-the-job situations.

Navigating the top ten awkward moments professionals may struggle with when networking

  1. Entering a conversation
  2. Leaving a conversation
  3. Approaching influential people
  4. Remembering names
  5. Joining group conversations
  6. Silences
  7. Ending conversations
  8. Shifting to sales pitches
  9. Getting stuck with one person
  10. Unfamiliar people and topics
Putting into Practice

75 minutes

Then the team will show their work.

Networking Rehearsal

Teams navigate networking scenarios using various rehearsal techniques, for example, Fishbowl scene Work, Real-Time Troubleshooting, Rapid Rescue Hotline, and Working with Mnemonic Devices.

Moving Forward

15 minutes

The session ends with time to reflect on what has been learned.

Our Implementation Plan

The team will discuss individual and collective strategies to apply session concepts and tools to their job goals.



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