The Sum is Greater

Unlocking the Team’s Collective Strengths

All good plays have drama based on conflict, but this does not make for a good working environment. Theater requires the artistic team to work together effectively. Adapt this collaborative process to learn how to manage group dynamics, develop group communication strategies, perform, and encourage constructive group roles, and foster cooperation and respect to move your group forward.


Following the session, the team will be able to...

  • Optimize their roles to leverage collective strengths.
  • Manage tensions and resolve conflicts.
  • Align on shared goals and the most effective way to move forward.
  • Communicate across different decision-making preferences.
  • Promote employee well-being and inclusion.

What it could look like

Here is a suggested agenda for this session. It can be customized to align with the team’s specific needs including learning outcomes, session duration, and job scenarios to ensure effectiveness.

Setting the Stage

45 minutes

The session will start with a warm-up and focus exercise, for example:

Working Together Part I

The team will complete a group task to learn how their individual strengths and personality traits affect team performance.

Building the Tool Kit

90 minutes

Next, the team will learn through interactive activities that focus on on-the-job situations and these specific skills:

  • Actively and fully listening
  • Balancing self-awareness with presence and connections with other people
  • Understanding the different personality styles
  • Managing the six critical roles of effective groups
  • Keeping the focus on building and maintaining continued progress, motion, and forward action toward realizing the defined goals and desired outcomes
  • Communicating to facilitate and enable, not dictate, the group’s direction
Putting into Practice

75 minutes

Then the team will show their work.

Working Together Part II

The team will work in groups to solve a problem, use their strengths, encourage others, and find ways to overcome obstacles. After completion, they can reflect on their personal strengths and weaknesses to learn from the experience.

Moving Forward

15 minutes

The session ends with time to reflect on what has been learned.

Our Implementation Plan

The team will identify strategies to apply what they’ve learned to their job-specific goals.



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